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  • Autor: Kim Misook
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This book is designed for international students who want to learn and use Korean as a foreign language right away! 

The questions, directive sentences, the meaning of vocabulary, and the explanation of grammar are written in ”English”. Students can study Korean language by themselves without a teacher.If you are looking for a book to study by yourself, this book is suitable for you, because this book has a kind explanation written by Kim-Misook who is a professional teacher with more than 20 years of teaching Korean language. 


  • The book is comprised of total 20 units.
  • A unit is comprised of idioms, grammars, reading, and writing.
  • Learn Korean with various expressions and essays.  * Workbook is included to exercise grammar.
  • Download MP3 files for free.
  • The content of the units are about Korean culture and society.
  • After finishing the book, challenge TOPIK for the Korean language certificate.
Schulfach: Koreanisch
Schulstufe: 1, 2, 3, 4
Schultyp: Mittelschule, AHS